What is Capoeira?

We’re getting lots of incredible feedback from parents saying that they child is not liking PE but love capoeira. We like to believe that it’s because Capoeira is a martial arts without the conflict, gymnastics without pressure, and dance & music without the rigidity. We strive to create a safe, fun place for your child and you to experience all that the sport and culture aspect of Capoeira.

Yet, many people are still asking “what is Capoeira?” Is it a game, dance or maybe fight? The answer is as interesting as Capoeira itself, because it is an activity that contains all these elements, and their proportions depend in a large extent on what we ourselves are looking for in this art and on our character and temperament. An experienced trainer will develop the skills of the participants in each of these aspects, with particular emphasis on the natural predispositions of the participant. That is especially taken place at our children’s classes to make the class as open, interactive and interesting for everyone as possible.

Capoeira attracts people not only with its sport aspect, but also with the culture of Brazil, the language, the music, traditions of this colourful and diverse country and the capoeira communities that connect people all over the world.

Here are some of the benefits of Capoeira training:

Keep exploring what Capoeira is for you and your child.

And keep training 🙂


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