Capoeira Leadership Programme

Capoeira Leadership Programme for young people because the youth are the leaders of tomorrow!

Free leadership programme for young people to excel in life by gaining leadership skills. All of us have huge potential, only a few live up to it, so we want to stretch participants to be the best versions of themselves, be leaders in their life and out in the community. 

Aims: Young people gain leadership skills that they can use in life to be more successful people. 
Young people to be included in goals setting for their physical development at Capoeira sessions.

Positive social impacts: Not all of the participants will become professional athletes, musicians, dancers, martial artists but all of them will become professional people and we want to make sure that we not only help them with training but also give them the opportunity to set and achieve goals that will help them in everyday life.

Start February 2023, more details to come.

This project is delivered by Axé Boom Boom with support from The University of Edinburgh.

Supporters and Funders
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